Lessons From My Pastor

So, I’ve been posting on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but I felt in my heart to also start posting on Sundays (at least one Sunday a month). God has been training us for the ministry, so I thought I would share what we’ve been learning thus far. God bless! ๐Ÿ™‚

Lesson Number One: Humility.

Several weeks ago a few of the members from our church had a meeting. They were unhappy with my parent’s leadership and decided they were going to let them have it.

In the weeks prior to this meeting I felt sick to my stomach. I couldn’t eat or sleep. I knew this was coming… it was just a matter of when.

On the day of, I remember going to church early with my mom to pray. We had no idea that these particular members were planning to show up until my cousins (who are also pastors) came in person to give us a heads up.

To preface, God has spoken to Sam and I about our calling to be Pastors before. Sam is also a pastor’s son, so you can imagine we were in no hurry to be in the ministry. These cousins had prayed for us and felt from the Lord that God had brought us back from Texas to be trained by my parents.

Being born and raised in church and part of a pastoral family- We felt like we knew it all. What could my parents possibly teach us that we haven’t already learned from them?

And then this meeting happened. It was not pretty. These members were just downright mean. I couldn’t help but think to myself, Don’t they know who my parents are?

I’ll be honest, I got a little ugly myself. I insisted that these ingrates be kicked out of church. After all, I argued, Paul says, “expel the wicked from among you”. My parents, however, were the picture of humility. By the end the night- these members were hugging and kissing them. My parents could’ve easily pulled out their resume with 1) the number of churches they’ve pastored, 2) the number of souls saved under their ministry, 3) the years of experience they have, etc. etc., but they didn’t.

I was angry at first. My thoughts were: how will they know who you are unless you tell them? But to them “it doesn’t matter who we are, but who God is.” I’ve observed my parents in the weeks that followed and they treat these members like nothing ever happened.

And although I was angry at first, I remembered that verse from Isaiah 53:7,

He was oppressed and afflicted,

yet He did not open His mouth.

Like a lamb led to the slaughter

and like a sheep silent before her shearers,

He did not open His mouth.

My parents understand that the work that God is doing in HIS Church is more important than their pride. Their attitude was like of Jesus and I admire them for that.

As for me, I had to humble myself before the Lord so as not to give the enemy a footstool with my anger. Clearly I have a long way to go, but I’m blessed to be able to learn from them.

Bring on lesson #2! ๐Ÿ™‚

16 thoughts on “Lessons From My Pastor

  1. I have seen the ugly side of church. Ministry is not for the faint of heart, and I firmly stand with those who are called. You know what you are getting into, but there is plenty of Godโ€™s grace for you. Continue to be teachable. Every now and then, we will find ourselves eating humble pie. It doesnโ€™t taste all that bad when you know that is what Jesus embodied.

  2. Bless God for your parents humility! God is great and he is still in CONTROL! No matter what the enemy may throw our way through people or incidents, we know who our God is and he’s still on the throne! And in him we are WINNERS! God bless you and thank you for sharing! Continue to work for Jesus and grow spiritually! ๐Ÿ’› Xx

  3. It is a hard lesson to learn but such a blessing when you realize it is by God’s grace you didn’t sin in your anger and that He is the only defender you need. Thank you for following my blog. I hope it can encourage you in your growing walk with the Lord. It’s definitely a lifelong journey. I look forward to reading more of what God is doing in your life.

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